20 May 2011

Tuff cuffs

For ages my little sister had a pair of jeans that I really liked and I was a bit jealous. There wasn't really anything extraordinary about the fit or colour, but I liked that they had a cuff around the ankles, just like around the wrists of a hoodie. When I saw her wearing them again at Easter, I thought back to a pair of jeans that I bought from Kmart for $20 that I was going to make into shorts. Luckily I didn't because, though they're of a thin denim, they'd make some great winter jeans! All I did was unpick the seam at the end of the legs, and cut off everything from about 1cm below the old fold. For the cuffs I used dark blue ribbing a few cms shorter than the circumference of the leg and about 7cm wide.

They're skinny jeans, but they look a bit bulky because of my ludicrously skinny ankles and because I'm bending over to get a good close up.
This was a nifty way of lengthening jeans that were a little too short.
Anyway, they're really really comfy! I really recommend it, if you have a pair of jeans that need updating too!

P.S. I got these hilarious glasses from a stationary shop, and oddly enough, I think they suit me...

1 comment:

Meg Needles said...

I really like what you've done with the jeans! Those look like they would also be easier to tuck into boots now, too.

Very cute glasses.