11 July 2014

Most worn but never blogged home-sewn award

The award has to go to this skirt. It's amazingly comfortable and remarkably versatile. I wear it with band t-shirts that have had the collars and sleeves hacked off, or with a cap-sleeve plain black t-shirt, or singlet/vest type tops. It always looks great!

The fabric is quilting cotton, but it has washed down well and it now fairly soft but still has a nice drape. The skirt is constructed kind of unusually, with four trapezoids sewn to a thick elastic waistband. Since the fabric is vertical stripes of chain knitting the front seam works quite well.

Pocket hole: Now you see me, now you don't.
This was one of the first things I made with my overlocker, so it's been around for about two years. And it has had a hole in the pocket for the entire time. Oops. The pockets are cut from a pathetic excuse for rayon fabric, and fray ridiculously easily.  Fortunately, two years on and the hole doesn't seem to be getting [much] bigger, so I'm leaving it. Even if you can occasionally see skin/knickers through it.

11 January 2014

A Face-full of Tartan

I wear t-shirts. All. The. Time. I work from home so it is rare for me to wear a top that is not a stretchy and comfortable t-shirt. So I was pretty excited to give Grainline's Scout tee a go, with the added motivation of Kollabora's competition. I had it very nearly done with heaps of time to spare, but it is still sitting in my closet with unfinished sleeves. The problem? Everything.

It's a face-full of tartan. It's way too much. I will never, ever wear it so I just don't want to finish it. Neither will I throw it out, though. Maybe I could cut it up and use it for bias strips, or patch pockets or something?

Bottom left: Don't be deceived! I'm holding the excess bagginess away from my body

Even though I should have know this would happen, the width around my midriff just makes me look bigger. I think it's really unflattering. I made a size 18 with some modifications, namely cutting off a crescent from the front and back shoulder (I think I cut off too much), and a sway back adjustment. But they didn't seem to help a whole lot. If I make Scout again I will chop it off at the waist, add a three-quarter circle skirt and elastic to a waistband. In my mind the result is a slouchy but cute short dress.

26 December 2013

It's Only Been A Year

So. This is exactly a year since I finished last year's Christmas dress. I planned to wear it for Christmas lunch with Pat's family. Then he proposed on Christmas Eve! The next morning, after the euphoria had calmed a little, I charged ahead and finished the dress so I could wear it as we announced our engagement to our families.

Taking photos of a green dress with a green background = brilliant idea!
And in my crazy rush it ripped. My overlocker caught a dart while I was finishing the waist seam. I cried! And it fits so well otherwise. Luckily last Christmas Day was mild and I could wear a cardigan. I tried ironing interfacing to the inside and lightly darning the tear, but it just popped open again.

I drafted the pattern for this dress myself, using the amazing Madalynne's sloper series. Despite what it looks like in the photos, it actually fits quite well, though if I had thought about it more I would have lowered the underarm and it would be much more comfortable. But since I've slimmed a bit it doesn't bother me as it did last Christmas.

The skirt pleats are the only other minor thing that went wrong. I thought I had them figured out, but when it came to sewing the skirt to the bodice there was some serious misalignment. Notice the weird half pleat right where the zip needs to go? How nice would it have been if the zip was hidden in the pleat?! I think it's only noticeable when you're really looking for it, so I'm not too upset.


18 December 2013

My First and Second Cambies

Who hasn't made a Cambie?? I jumped on the bandwagon and made my own. This is my second attempt. It's a very flattering pattern, and I so wish I could sort out the issues that make this the wrong shape for me.

The green dress below is my first version and it used to be a bed sheet. The pale green goes nicely with my hair, especially when there is no two inches of regrowth! The cap sleeves are what first attracted me to Cambie and even on me they're cute. When I first made this it was too tight around the waist but I've been going to the gym and apparently it paid off because the waist is now loose.

The main problem with the Cambie is the centre front. I can get my whole fist in there. It just gaps wide open. Lucky I'm so tall or everyone would have a good view.

I put side bust darts in my second Cambie and it helped a bit, but not nearly as much as I needed it to. I added width to it knowing that the waist was tight in the first version. It was comfortable when I first made it but now it's huge! The busy fabric hides it a bit and the belt helps, but I don't wear this dress anymore. Except for the photos!